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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

BC 4 with a small trip to BC2.5

Just back from the hospital/birthing centre in Capitol Hill.

No... still pregnant.

The pain of H's contraction were so bad that we took her in to help with the pain.

They put fetal/contraction monitors on her. The boy is doing just fine.

Then they shot her with morphine and sent her home.

She is asleep and only mildly stirring every 10-15 when a contraction hits.

So more tomorrow.... Err later today.

Fall over now

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glad H is finally getting some sort of rest. Hopefully you did too! Thinking of you guys!

Oh geez. Give her a big hug for me! When she's awake that is.

Wow, what a suck way to spend an evening. Here's hoping you and H both get some rest, and that the next trip to the birthing center proves fruitful! *hug*

cheers friend! I'll buy you a drink whenever i finally meet you - ah, at NOTOCON if you come! it's being done by my LB. anyway, hang in there

uhm...you AREN'T going to have him, well, snipped are you? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON'T if you are! I beg you, though you're probably not, i just want to make sure.

Acually, to be honest...

This is a very touchy subject for me. I will not elabourate on it at this time except to say:
  • I was raised Jewish.
  • I have taken many things into consideration
  • We have come to a decision in accord with both Heather and My beliefs.

For now this specific topic is closed.

Thinking of you both

With kind thoughts. Glad H is resting. You rest, too.

See you soon, the whole family...


This is just getting stupid. She's what? 41 weeks? I know that she really wants to have everything naturally but I swear to you, an induction isn't nearly as horrible as what she's going through. If I had shown up in that much pain and not progressing, at 41 weeks, they most likely would have done something to help the contractions along, not just reduce the pain.

(also, I read some of the other comments, and I could totally see a flame war starting in your journal over one of the comments. Please don't let anyone make you feel bad about any decision you have made regarding your child. This is not the time to be discussing the pros and cons of circumcision)

She got the velvet hammer. this will allow and her uterus to come to detante and this morning sometime, her uterus will comply and there will be a new family member howling.

It's not really a question of induction...

H was not dilating. So we needed to stop or slow the contractions to give her body time to relax. I can speak to you of line if you want to IM me a contact number for some details.

As for decisions concerning the child. I think I've answered the comment in question to my satisfaction ;)

Re: It's not really a question of induction...

Well, yes, that was my problem too. And although the Cervadil didn't work as well as they expected it to, it did do the job of softening/effacing the cervix, which allowed the contractions to dilate it. In my case, of course, we then needed the full induction. In her case Cervadil might do the job on its own. Just a thought :)

Good answer on the other comment :)

*hugs* Here with Nina in ME. Keep us posted or IM cell with updates. Thinking of you both...

I don't think we will here from you much today, being as today is the day! Woo hoo!! Congrats! Midmorning to midafternoon, this rugrat will be telling you all about it. Are ya ready? Nope? No one is.

I'm guessing they gave her the velvet hammer and many, if not most, wake up at about 7-8 centimeters dilated and move on to have their deliveries soon after.

So, congrats a few hours ahead, I'll be asleep around the time your babe won't be allowing anymore of that sleep stuff.

The time is near!!!!!
I am glad to hear H is getting a little bit of rest.

FWIW, (probably nothing), I keep thinking Labor Day. But I'm not convinced it's psychic mojo so much as me tripping on the play on words.

Come on, baby!!

Many Blessings (Cheers to a happy healthy wife and baby!)

Hugs, love ya, hang in there guys!

Sending you both lots of love and energy and good thoughts.


Sending good energy your way!

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