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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

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Andrei in the office

Birthcon - the new DEFCON

So... my manager told me that with his first child he kept telling people he was at Defcon 4.

So, I've decided to make BirthCon.

A five level (denoted by numbers not colours) system to give the world and idea where I am.

Birthcon 5 (BC:5) - jnanacandra is Pregnant
Birthcon 4 (BC:4) - She is not in labour. (this makes more sense after BC:3)
Birthcon 3 (BC:3) - Something has up-ticked and we are in contact with care providers. This may or may not be labour. I tend to refer to this as "The uterus that cried wolf"
Birthcon 2 (BC:2) - We have confirmed active labout
Birthcon 1 (BC:1) - We are in transition
Birthcon 0 (BC:0) - Not really part of the system.. We are no longer pregnant.

My general procedure is as follows:
BC:3... A select number of people are told first. Maybe more afterwards. More often than not, BC:3 means that we're heading back down to BC:4

BC:2...A very small number of people are notified. People are 'activated'... The public will probably not be notified of BC:2... But it's possible

BC:1...We're already there. It is damned unlikely anyone not present will be notified of BC:1

And a note... we've been rocking back and forth between BC:4 and BC:3 for the past week


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Birthcon 0 (BC:0) - Life as you know it ends, and child eats you, or at least your life, unless an elder god is spawned, in which case, child literally eats you.

I'd love a quick contact at BC:2 if you're willing and get a chance. As a Witch I have a bunch of simple folk magicks I can do for easing childbirth (With Mom's permission of course) when the deal actually goes down.

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