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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

I can only take my stupidity so far...

I am reheating Chinese food. I noted that the local Chinese restaurant confused me because they put ham in the combination fried rice.

H: Ah, because with Ham the Chinese food is no longer Kosher.

A: Right, because ham isn't kosher whereas the pork is. Because Pork comes from the Kosher half of... um.. the pig.

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Did they say the fried rice was kosher?


Andre are you jewish? (clearly I am having a blonde moment) BBQ Pork is ham right?

Ham is cured pork. BBQ pork is not ham, but they are both pork. Combination fried rice or pork fried rice isn't usually made with ham because it's too salty when you mix in soy sauce. :)

Are you saying that soy sauce isn't kosher?

Pork doesn't count if its in Chinese food! Its in "Portnoy's Complaint!" (One of the Jewish holy books)

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