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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Doctor Who continues in the US. Stargate gets the axe

Doctor Who, Series 2 (er, 28) will come to the US!

Starting with the Christmas Invasion 2 hr special on September 29.

Sci Fi channel has the story and will air it.

This makes up for the news that Stargate SG-1 will end at the end of this season.

It's all about ratings folks. :-b

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I don't think that's all it is. Stargate SG-1 I think has begun losing focus, and I don't think they want it to keep running if it begins to totally suck. I think the actors are all ready to go on to other things. Their 200th episode ruled. :)

I hadn't realized that Season 2 wasn't a sure thing. Glad it is now.

Christmas Invasion wasalot of fun to watch. Season 2 was quite good. I think you will enjoy the new Doctor. Now we are looking forward to the spin-off, Torchwood, that airs in Britain in October.

Okay... last I knew...

...you were living in the Philadelphia area.

So... fess up... How are you watching the episodes ;?)

Re: Okay... last I knew...

two words... downloading BitTorrents.

The episodes are most often available for download within 12 hours of airing in Britain... once it was available an hour after airing! And the BBC doesn't care, it isn't even pirating.

Re: Okay... last I knew...

Okay.. so you watched season 2 like I watched season 1.

I just didn't have time this season to keep up with BT.

Now... the next question.. 5:15 am :?)

Re: Okay... last I knew...

hehe, we are 3 hours earlier remember? 2 am is still late for me though. I was having trouble sleeping. Worrying about keeping up with everything when my student teaching starts in 2 weeks.

Eric takes care of downloading the episodes. We have also been watching Little Britons.

(Deleted comment)
We felt that same way from the season 2 cliffhanger. We still have 4 months to go.

Sweet! I'm pretty excited to see the new doctor.
I mean, I've SEEN him obviously, but not acting as The Doctor.

(Deleted comment)
I blame Morena Baccarin.

You put her on any show.. it just doesn't last past that season ;)

Which just proves how stupid the industy is because.. I mean... Moreana... Ummm


It's a comment. You can't fix typos.



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