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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Video post: I love this

I had a dream when i was studying film directing that I was going to make a series of films with one or two scenes that over lapped in the movies.

In one scene the main characters would be walking down the street while some 'derelict?' got thrown out of a bar. Random extra that almost knocks into our characters who notice it and move on.

In another film our star would be in a bar after a really bad day and get into a fight and get thrown out. As he stumbles out of the bar he practically falls on two passer-bys who notice him and then move on.

The trick being to always have the same actors. Oh, maybe you didn't notice that the uncredited drunk in movie one was Johnny Depp, But after the first film gets referenced in the second.. it becomes the director's signature.

I actually had the idea in junior high school, long before the music video revolution and definitely before John Waite. There's a really bizarre scene in John Waite's video for "Missing You" where he hangs up the phone and then walks by a bunch of people pointing up looking off camera. It really makes almost no sense.

Of course, there's also John Waite's video for "Change" which deals with a crazed jumper being talked down by a negotiator while below several people look up and point.

So, here are the shots from both videos..

Missing You

Are they lined up? No. But it's so clever and if I don't get to do it one day.. I really hope some Director does. (Well, paying me credit for it.)

That's all for today...

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This is wonderful. Thank you.

In a similar theme, I've often wished that the people involved in great TV shows (like the original Star Trek) would have thought ahead and filmed a bunch of extra footage that they never showed... just various general purpose lines maybe, but lines that were specific enough and different enough from anything else they did. Then years later they could dig this footage out and use it in a different show (e.g. Star Trek TNG) as part of a time travel episode. This could really freak out hard-core fans if the existence of such footage was kept a secret until it was actually used...

When you mentioned John Waite, "Tears" (and part of the video for it) popped into my head.

Also (random bits in Mo's head):

2) I am now an SG-1 and a Stargate Atlantis fan - and indeed, the 200th episode was great. Leif, Kathy and i saw it together and enjoyed it.

3) How is it you and i could make this great connection when we first met in Austin (i did a CARTWHEEL for you, man! In my living room!) and you DON'T mention the Sci Fi Museum in Seattle to me at all? I am... beyond crushed. :P

I was reminded that Pier's Anthony used a similar effect in the Incarnations of Immortality series. Same scenes in multiple books from different viewpoints.

I was also reminded that Piers has no apostrophe in it.

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