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Ultrasound update

As jnanacandra has posted... all is well in baby land. The baby is right where it is supposed to be facing in the right direction.

Much better experience with the ultrasound this time around.

And yes.. there is a picture.

Every now and then H notices me having a reaction to the impending reality of having a baby. Today was one such example. The ultrasound picture turned face up looks like an ol' Jewish man. Then I turned it on its side.

No kidding. It has H's "Keith" forehead and my nose.

Granted, it also seems to have jonah777's brow. The boy also seems to be moving a lot and have no real sense of time or schedule. I think he got that from motive_nuance.

We'll just pray he doesn't have my great-grandmother's jowls.
May Rivka Pinska's cheeks end with me!

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