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Your video post for today

While fighting the urge to post rather venomously about statewide current events and the brain of the average stupid person... I take a moment to enjoy some video.

Spike Jones did a video for Fat Boy Slim's "Weapon of Choice." In a strange juxtapositioning of irony, he has noted actor Christopher Walken dancing.

Many people were surprised to see the actor dancing. many but not all. A few select of us remember the 1981 Steve Martin film, "Pennies from Heaven"

This film featured a prohibition age story marked by live videos of (then) contemporary songs. Characters would break out of the film and lip sync to songs. One for example was, "Let's Misbehave"

This song was done as a tap-dance, strip-tease by Christopher Walken. Walken previous to the film had no dance experience. He spent two months learning and rehearsing the routine that lasted approximately two minutes.

At the debut party Walken heard two men commenting to each other about how Walken's performance was some of the best Tap they'd seen in ages. Modestly, he wasn't prepared to accept the credit from the two gentleman. Modesty took the high road when he turned to see that the two man complimenting him to each other were Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly.

Both videos are a must watch if you like good tap. Both a surprisingly good examples of an actor not known for a great talent in dance.
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