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Andrei in the office


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Well, I might as well make it public.

In the last 24 hours I accepted a Full time position with Microsoft working on Microsoft Office for the Macintosh.

A long year has come completely to a close. I start July 31st once again continuing my career as a Mac Engineer.

Happiness abounds.

Comments should go to this link if you have access. (The longer post that was 'friends posted')

Oh, and one other thing....

I have been receiving anonymous posts. I haven't posted about it because the first post left me scratching my head as to the author. Today the author identified themselves.
Once I get that communication channel established (I've already emailed and left voice mail)... I will have a post about how today's discovery (the identity of the poster) was just as happy news as the job offer I received yesterday.

So.. yes.. more forthcoming.

okay.. two.. For the special nostalgic nature of today's news... I've put up an old icon of mine I like.

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Congrats! I know this has been a long time coming...Best wishes for a pleasurable & profitable stay in this job.

You're still a total stalker :-)

for youse guys

Hey Andrei, That's awesome news in a sick and twisted kind of way (i.e the microsoft aspect) but i'm very proud of you. I heard they interview the shit out of people. Do you talk to the SYMC guys anymore? You should tell em!

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