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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

One man's journey from infinity to nothingness

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Andrei in the office

Post one of 3: Public. Concerning yesterday's post

First off, I'm not getting comments via email again. This happens every now and then. Sigh. I may have to reroute my LJ mail. So if I don't comment back.. it's not because I'm ignoring you.

Yesterday I made a post with a web site. The web site is to a puzzle.

If you looked at it and thought, "There's two pages... I don't get it." Then you didn't. And to be honest.. neither did I. jnanacandra figured out how to start the puzzle.

I will answer hint requests in the comment field of the previous post. So go there... not here.

It's a blast. There are a few... well impossible ones. But I think I've finished it.

There are two more posts coming. Those are the ones you're looking for. And if you're not on my LJ subscription list (the aptly-misnamed friend's list) You will miss the meaty details.