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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

One man's journey from infinity to nothingness

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Andrei in the office

Veridian room beware...

I blame motive_nuance

I won't say more than simply:

And then... I dare you.

The comments to this post may be your only hope ;)
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Just goes to a page that says 1, then clicking that it goes to a page that says 2. No clicky from there.


Its a puzzle. I got to "sept", but then "octa" didn't work, and so now I'm stumped.

I did the same thing at first. But 'sept' means 'seven' in languages other than Latin.

I cheated and looked up a hint. I don't speak French, and there was no clues for French, and there's hundreds of potential languages, so saying "just think of another language" wouldn't work.

argh, I put an 8 in a language that gives me a page, but it says "thgie" WTF??

never mind I got it! duh, I was thinking it was already supposed to be the next number, that's why I didn't see it.

yeah, FTW is pu with taht? *grins*

how high does it go? I've hit a blank page.

It appears to go as high as 3... although there isn't an anchor tag (link) in either 2 or 3. (I just tried 3.html, 4.html, etc...)

I think I speak for everyone when I say - "huh?!"

IV comes after 3

Re: As far as I know...

yes, yes.... I knew that and you knew that....

I was trying to get the person above.

Note: I did not say that I hit an error page. I said I hit a blank page.

Re: As far as I know...

Ah, but is it really blank?

Try highlighting, or viewing the source :)

Re: As far as I know...

*thwaps head* DOH!!!1

I did that, but didn't get what it meant

*shakes head at self*

It goes at least to 30.. If you can find the right path :)

Dude, that's messed up. And I still don't get it.

No no. I take it back. I get it now. That's clever.

I got to 13, but got stuck. I can't figure out what 14 is.. if 13 is unlucky, is fourteen double lucky?

Any hints?

I've placed a hint here as requested, but I've screened it in case people don't want to be spoiled ;)

I need that hint too! That's exactly where I got stuck.

yes a hint here would be good

13 is the one that did me in, too. Depends on a saying I didn't know.

hmpf :|

i dont know how to start this dern thing.....

I got thru about the first 14 by myself and then started to have issues... Then the goole monster came to the rescue.... I'm such a geek!

stuck at 13... bastards.... notpron had me cracked out for days... I think I'll just walk away from this one...

We got to thirty, but not without cheating a lot.

I found a site that listed all the pages, but not the logic behind them. Which is fine. Half the fun was trying to figure the actual logic out.

27 was a bitch, but mainly because I don't know anything about that particular subject which they referenced.

That sucked, and was so cool, in the same token.

This one is my favorite: "You win (for now)"

Oh! I think I get it now! :)

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