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Andrei in the office


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Normal Andrei (as normal as he gets)

Hail Austin...

For those that hadn't heard by now. I will be in Austin for an extended weekend. I will be arriving this Thursday earrrrrrly in the morning and leaving early evening on Monday.

I have a fairly full schedule friday evening thru sunday evening.. but I'd still like to hook up with Aust---um---onians? that I know where I can.

Feel free to scribble and pass one within the area
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Austinites, from what I can tell. And I believe you and I have a plan, yes?

I got your address...

.. and will head there from the airport :)


I think they call us "hippies" mostly.

break out the tydye!

have a good time. I know I would.

Austin: Austinites
Houston: Houstonians
Dallas: Assholes

Make sure to spend an evening on the deck at spiderhouse. And check out the Central Market!

And the Whole Foods, if only to see how corporate that coop really is. Oh, but what a headquarters!

ditto on the Central Market. while you're there eat a monster at Freebirds for me.

Made me laugh out loud


If it's this coming weekend, I concur on the Spiderhouse and go to Whole Foods World at sixth and Lamar. Yes, it's obscene and yet amazing, in its obscenity - make sure to pick up a map as you head in. Seriously!

(Deleted comment)
if you name some specific neighborhoods, i'll tell you about them. i lived in austin.

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