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Sign language and my love

As most people are aware, jnanacandra wears hearing aids. This means first thing in the morning audio communication isn't really possible.

As a result I've come up with AnHSL. Andrei & Heather - Sign Language. Contrary to expectations... neither of us really knows any sign language beyond finger spelling the alphabet.

This morning she asked me if I was feeling better. I must digress here that I suffer from "Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal" syndrome. I believe that if Heather can't hear me... I can't talk. (Yeah, I know.. there's logic in them thar hills and those hills are no where near Andrei)

None the less, I get jarred in the morning when she speaks and I can hear her... but such is how my mind sometimes works. </digression>

So, she asks me how I'm feeling. I proceed to draw in the air.
90º turned infinity symbol... She says "8"
circle...she says "0"
A sort of mishmash of 2 circles and a bar... "Percent"

She smiles and gives me a hug

I proceed to then finger write in the air e^i, sigma, integral x-n cuberoot

She's laughing by the time she catches the Sigma.

I love have a geek in the house.
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