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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Sign language and my love

As most people are aware, jnanacandra wears hearing aids. This means first thing in the morning audio communication isn't really possible.

As a result I've come up with AnHSL. Andrei & Heather - Sign Language. Contrary to expectations... neither of us really knows any sign language beyond finger spelling the alphabet.

This morning she asked me if I was feeling better. I must digress here that I suffer from "Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal" syndrome. I believe that if Heather can't hear me... I can't talk. (Yeah, I know.. there's logic in them thar hills and those hills are no where near Andrei)

None the less, I get jarred in the morning when she speaks and I can hear her... but such is how my mind sometimes works. </digression>

So, she asks me how I'm feeling. I proceed to draw in the air.
90º turned infinity symbol... She says "8"
circle...she says "0"
A sort of mishmash of 2 circles and a bar... "Percent"

She smiles and gives me a hug

I proceed to then finger write in the air e^i, sigma, integral x-n cuberoot

She's laughing by the time she catches the Sigma.

I love have a geek in the house.

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I am nowhere near geekhood and wouldn't understand it even if it was spoken aloud ;> However, as y'all are expecting a child, you really should explore the use of signing with pre-vocal children. I've met some amazing infants who could master it in only a few days and it keeps the squalling down when the parents do not need to guess what it is they are wanting ;>

Sign really does ease some of the frustration that children feel, when their brains are ready for speech but their mouth-parts are not. It is great.

That is really, really sweet.

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