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Andrei in the office


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what is that?

First the drama...

So this weekend, the creeping crud has continued to rule my life. While I haven't been near death's door or anything fitting for LJ Drama.. I was pretty useless.

On the one hand, I've been exploring C#. And I hate to admit it... I'm kinda liking it. The whole "Feeling dirty, I think I should shower" impression of programming in Windows .NET has gone away.

So I watched some movies and poker. And had a quiet day while jnanacandra and NefA went baby shopping.

Later in the day I pulled out the big guns and made some Matzoh Ball soup. If this isn't good for the body... nothing is. Now mind you.. I am not a Jewish Grandmother, So I was working at a -3 in the kitchen. Granted it was prefab mix, so it wasn't completely an ordeal.

The Soup actually came out perfectly. Even SJ loved it. The only problem was that I was holding the bowl by the lip while I poured in the boiling soup. My thumb felt the liquid rising. All 200º of the liquid. Not wanting to drop the immensely painful bowl and the ladle (causing splashes everywhere) I continued to empty the ladle and then briskly put down the bowl shaking my thumb in pain.

After about 2 hours on ice, My thumb was sufficiently blistered. If I removed my thumb from the ice for more than 10 seconds, sharp shooting pain returned. I iced for about 4 hours (and as I burnt my thumb at 10 pm... I was up a bit later than I planned)

It is now the next morning and the blistering has 'gone down'. The thumb is a little sore and fortunately on my off hand. Depending how it feels today I may get it looked at. Amen to the internet and SJ for finding the info on the treatment of 1st and 2nd degree burns.

It's been about 30 years since I last had even a mind burn. So, I was a bit out of practice. We'll hope this isn't more subconscious training for the next 5 years.
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Ouch. Pretty much this same scenario happened to me at the USGL meeting in Portland last October. I was at a restaurant salad-and-soup bar, with nearly every high-ranking member of Grand Lodge within thirty feet of me. As my finger began to cook, I controlled the urge to drop the bowl and scream only by realizing that, if I did so, I would become an instant OTO legend, and not in a good way. ("Remember the time Craig threw a bowl of boiling soup at Sabazius?")

OUch! Sorry bout your thumb hun! *offers a cookie*

Hehehe, as to the next 5 years, just keep the baby and any cooking/food/warm drinks well away from one another and you should be doing just fine. Of course this gets dificult at a certain stage in their mobility, but for the first 8 months of so you should be plenty safe. Not to mention how very few times they will reach for your plate after grabbing a handfull of hot noodles... :-)

Excellent...excellent...feel the power of the .NET flowing through you!

No no no. The scalding hot soup goes into the lap.

The thumb is set on fire. "Now don't inhale until the tip glows."

In classic shtick - the details are important.

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