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Short and sweet... but this is nice.

At work we have mannnnny cafeterieas with a wide selection of food stuffs.

Today I had Asian-like chicken over not to ruined rice.
hey, I was raised Jewish. I'm supposed to be snobby about "Chinese" food

When they serve Asian food they offer fortune cookies.

Sadly in most restaurants they have been reduced down to "poor-grammar statement" cookies rather than an actual "fortune" cookies.

I have a tradition about fortune cookies.
No matter how good or bad the cookie is; I eat it in its entirety before reading the fortune.

It's my little tradition. I figure by holding back I actually push away complete ambivelence and energize the probability field around the fortune.

This is my tradition... you may scoff, mock, chuckle all you want.

So today I got a cookie and merily munched.

Energized I hoped that I had a fortune worth keeping and looked down. A got a really zen like smile on my face:

You will have much to be thankful for in the coming year.

Yay. :)

And for those who haven't heard the story by now. I no longer ever add the words, "in bed" to my fortunes.

Oh, was funny in college. But once... long ago.. the day I stopped having this kind of fun... came the "In bed"-killer of allllllll fortunes:
My scrap of paper read: "You have a special and unique way with children."

Eww. ew ew ew ew ew ew. Ick.

No more in bed.

Just much to be thankful for :)
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