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Kill Kill Kill, Die Die Die

Formatted Text: Voice Post for LiveJournal on July 11th, Take 1

Why!? Why do I listen to A.M. talk radio? I've come to the conclusion that as a liberal I suck, I've gone too damn conservative and as a conservation I suck I've got too liberal and personally liberatarians are too hands off and yet I don't want anyone touching things.

I have so many things that I want to post and talk about if I could only collect my thoughts, If only Mercury wasn't retrograde making words not work this week.

I am currently listening on A.M. radio to a discussion about whether or not people in married couples hide money from each other to keep their own private slush fund. Whatever happened to being honest in a relationship? Is this something that we've lost track of? This drives me nuts and I don't know what to do about it. I'm fighting calling into the A.M. station today because they basically just talked one woman who is actually communicative in a relationship; into lying to her husband and going off and changing the plan. All I could do is call up and say, "Hi guys! Do you enjoy wrecking relationships that are working?" These are things that bug me, these are things I think about, and oh, Gods I wish that I could find someone or somehow to easily caption, subtitle and transcribe audio posts. That's all for now. Is that a good take? Great we'll cut that one out and we'll post it.

P.S. THANK YOU to ichae for the first transcription. You rock!!!!

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This is why I listen to Air America: so that I can get liberal propoganda instead of conservative. :)

Unfortunately, you've missed my point...

These were the stations "Liberal Jocks" They felt that couples should hide money from each oher. This was actually one of the more liberal shows on the station.

Personally, I've gotten to the point where if someone refers to themselves as 'liberal' or 'conservative' in this day and age they are only doing so to 'root' for a home team and condemn the evuuuullllll opposition.

I was most upset at this issue (deception in a relationship) because it was touted as acceptible.

Re: Unfortunately, you've missed my point...

Labels suck... once you identify with one, you start to lose your own individuality, the label starts to control you, rather then you controlling yourself. And its not even like one is defering their will to an actual intelligent entity, someone more knowledgeable then themself, but rather to an unconscious idea, a mindless ever-changing wave on the ocean of collective opinion.

I'd label myself 'human' but then I suppose I better not because that would be anti-bug, and I have a hard time bringing myself to hurt insects if they aren't hurting me...

P.S. THANK YOU to ichae for the first transcription.

You're welcome! There's something about an untranscribed voice post that I just can't resist when I see it... I was going to try and re-edit it after it posted but I didn't see the option - I think I made a couple of typos and mispelled "Libertarian". (The parenthesized words and astericks were where I wasn't sure what you said because of drop out... :-)

Statesman: a dead politician. We need more statesmen.

I don't have a problem with the concept of keeping some separate money in a relationship, and I'm a strong supporter of the concept that partners need to have some separate spending money that is not accountable to the other partner(s). And things like inheritance or savings accumulated prior to the beginning of the relationship (anything that would be considered community property) that aren't the other partner(s) business unless the partner owning the property decides to share funds and/or info about funds.

But the idea of people advising people to actively deceive their
partner(s) is nauseating. There is a big difference between privacy and deception. The only situation in which I would condone such advice is if the relationship in question is abusive.

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