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Gnostics go PING!

With a name like that, you aren't going near my head...

From the Law offices of "Dewey, Cheetham, and Howe"...

The are certain family names that should just avoid certain lines of work. I don't doubt that these people have the talent to fill the position. I just think that naming their business after their names might be bad.

The example I saw recently:

Machetti's Hair Stylist.
(And that's a biiiig blade)

Can anyone come up with other good ones for a list?
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Dr. Payne springs to mind...he was a dentist in my hometown.

There was a Dr Paine who was a cdhiropracter in my hometown. :)

There was a Dr. Boring who was a chiropractor in my hometown...

Vet here in Pittsburgh. Same spelling. Yes, they've heard the joke about it ;)

I had a pre-med college roommate with the name Payne also.

She sure was a Payne to room with.

Here's some I saw back home in Big D

Chin Hair Design

Dong Yang Video

There is a Law Firm in LA called Payne and Fears...does that count?

In Salt Lake, there used to be a law firm of Swindol, Rooker and Crook. (I am not making this up).

I swing more towards the Earhart Chartered Airplanes & Krueger Child Care, myself, but that's not exactly what you're looking for.

Back in Missouri, there was a denitist named Dr. Raper.

Yeah, I'm thinking a name change would be wise.

Paging Mr. Raper, Therapist

I would think some names you wouldn't want to have: Raper being one of them... there's a "Raper RV" somewhere in Indiana. In college there was a girl in one of my classes whose last name was Hooker.

Oh I just saw this one on someone elses journal

Cumming Cockburn LTD

My ex's name was Jesse D A Crook.... no, one can't make that up. Heheheh.

Imagine why I didn't take his last name with mine? I would have been Ms. Miner-Crook. No.

I guess having Mr Crook as a banker or such mightent be the best profession.

Sam & Ella's Homemade Sausage

It's subtle, it took me a second reading. I realllllllly like this one.

I had my wisdom teeth taken out by Dr Savage, his partner is Dr Slaughter. Medford, OR

The surgeon we used when I was a child....

Dr. Klutz.

There's a car dealer in my town named Dick Boyles. Ouch! I could never buy a car there, it would be too painful.

Then there is this guy I dated in college named A Cox... who said at one time he dated S Snatch...

Cox and Snatch.... what a couple.

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