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Andrei in the office


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Solstice 8 minutes and counting

First off, yes. I'm in the office.

I like getting in early at the a&$crack of dawn. It's 35-45 minutes in/out without traffic. So I get in around 5:30-6:15 and I leave around 3 (assuming I'm not running late due ot the work load)

The radio this morning was going on about how Solstice is at 5:26 (6 minutes now)... The beginning of summer and the time of the year when the Druids let the local pagans actually get close to Stonehenge.

Unfortunately, much like when the millenium started, the radio didn't seem to get it quite right.

They kept announcing today as, "The longest day of the year."

Now, I may be wrong, but as far as I can tell, the solstice time is the pivot across the tropic of cancer. So the days start getting shorter again. Theoretically that means that today might have less day than yesterday. Granted the solstice point was closer to today than yesterday.. so it might be today.

Sometimes Astonomy/Astrology makes my head spin. (4 minutes)

IF will be celebrating this evening. So hopefully this will be a quick and not-to stressful (long) day at work.

Guess that's it for this morning. The clock on the desktop says 5:25am so 1 minute and counting.
(waits and stares at the desktop clock)
5:26 am. Happy Solstice, Happy crossing of the Tropic of Cancer....
Happy 24 hour day people north of Alaska.


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Its not the day when the Druids allow the Pagan's access to Stonhenge either. It is the day when people, inculding the Druids, are allowed access to Stonehenge by English Heritage who are the caretakers of Stonehenge.
I grew up pretty close to there and in my experience its actually the day the police let a whole bunch of hippies and tourists into the stone circle then spend days trying to get them out again.

Enjoy the solstice :)

I donno why, but it makes me think of some stories my grandma told me. She's from Scotland - and she joined the Royal Brittish Army when she was old enough to do so. She said her and her buddies used to hang out at Stonehenge. They were stationed right near there and they used to just sit and talk for hours there.

When she told me this, I was in awe.
People can't do that anymore, etc etc.



If she was stationed near Stonehenge then she would have been in my home town. Its the army town.
They stopped people getting in around '84 when it became a World Heritage site. There are special ways of getting in at other times though, especially if you are local.

Happy solstice to you too :)

Happy Solstice to you Brother.

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