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Kill Kill Kill, Die Die Die

Class C Felonies

Caveat: This was posted on my behalf by request by someone who has electronic access to post on my behalf from outside Washington state without my password. I did not actually make this post. But the person didn't have my password so I am not in violation of Washington State Law or LJ Terms of Service

If you haven't heard by now, the Washington state gov't rushed thru a law transforming not only any gambling on the internet, but summarily any discussion of wagers or gambling information.

By rushed thru I mean
January 17 : the law was proposed
February 3: Senate Labor Commitee added: knowingly transmitting or receiving wagers or other gambling information
February 14: passed bi-partisan with no opposing votes in the Senate
March 2: passed bi-partisan 93-5 in the House (now looping in i-net sales of Lottery tickets)
March 28: Signed into law by the Governor.

That is 86 days to write and pass a law. Remember that the next time your unemployed worker benefits run out.

Just to put it in perspective.. here is what a class C felony is in Washington
assault on a child in the third degree
custodial sexual misconduct in the first degree
third degree rape
four DUI's in seven years
second degree assault
sex and labor trafficking
unlawful taking on endangered fish and wildlife
robbery (1 count)
animal fighting abuse.

The penalty for a class C felony is:

60 months in prison and a $10,000 fine.

You can now add to that:
a 25 cent bet on PartyPoker

Granted, some might argue the penalty is more appropriate for going "all-in" before the flop with less than a pair of jacks in PartyPoker $5 + .50 tournament.

That being said...

Doesn't this smack just a little of thought crime and violation of the right to free speech?

Edit: Ironically, no one from Washington can actually comment on this post as that would be an example of discussing Gambling in the state and they would be liable for a Class C felony.

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It's the CDA all over again....

WHAT THE FUCK? Social Gaming (less than $10 wager) used to be LEGAL in washington. (I've played blackjack in Spokane.) Now poker players are on a level with HUMAN TRAFFICKERS?

P.S. Dear thought-cops...I'm in CALIFORNIA!

Pardon me while I am unshocked by legislative stupidity.

By the way, I tried writing you directly at the mac.com address again re the ITG app port, and you never responded...did that email reach you?

don't you know that gambling is baaaad?

It is not illegal to discuss a law. They can pass laws that make it illegal to gamble or discuss actual wagers or transmit information on how to gamble, but they can't prosecute you for talking about the law in question. Oh, and if you want to change it, run an initiative campaign to overturn it. :) This is Washington, don't you know that the loudest people tend to get what they want?

So how do these Initiative campaigns work?

I have no clue but am interested.

Re: So how do these Initiative campaigns work?

Start here and scroll down to "Information about Initiatives and Referenda.

Basically, you write an initiative and register your intent to get it put on the ballot. You circulate petitions and you have to get a certain number of valid signatures from registered voters in order to get it on the ballot. Then the people vote on them in the next popular election. Each of these steps is easier said than done. Most initiatives use paid signature gatherers and professional ad campaigns, which is why it's become such a business.

Just don't wear a Darth Vader costume.

That's really absurd, but as tzaddi_93 said, it can't be illegal to just discuss the existence of a law. Well maybe the unpatriotic act or something, but how can they even let people know it's illegal otherwise?

It shows how goofy priorities can get, a misdemeanor would be pushing it, high -level felony? Waaay out of proportion.

Bet if they got their share of taxes off it, it'd be legal and heavily promoted like the state lotteries. Does WA have one? hmm maybe not, I think WA is one of the states that caused all those sweepstakes to have to say 'purchase not necessary.'

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