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Kill Kill Kill, Die Die Die

Um, another net app?!?

So, Google now has an online spreadsheet. To go along with its online word processor and its online mapping software.

Meanwhile, you can go to your online feed management system to post to your online blog.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am well connected. I have net coming out of my ears. We're talking Cell phone, WiFi, Gigabit endowed laptop. Ooh, baby.

But guess what. Every now and then, there isn't a signal. The mountain is too high, the farm to wide, the airport too expensive, or worse... the plane. And then what?

All my files are inaccessible or worse... The application itself is web based.

Until we can assure 24/7 access to the internet (planes, trains and automobiles)... Web based apps are still a nifty curiosity... and little else.

Just my $0.02

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I have net coming out of my ears.

That's an image...

I can see the troubles this would cause... however I think they have a lot of vision... I think eventually most of our PC app's will be web-based.

While this is true, its low cost is going to trump that concern and thus make a big impact.

Spoken like a man working for the Soft Machine.

But I really felt this way pre-balmerization. Granted, are Mac based engineers any different.

The components for offline editing need to be part of this process.

It's a state-machine issue. Can I be in a given state where I wish to do productivity but can not. How can I remedy that issue?

Re: A Fair accusation

I think the main problem is that state-dependency is an edge case. For certain people (myself included), it's worthwhile to buy that software and have the data on local machines. For most people, however, it's not. The business won't really suffer if they can't work on their spreadsheet for 30 minutes while the network is down.

That's Microsoft's main threat; the very large percentage of people who don't actually need Office.

Don't worry; as far as the whole "I can't get 'net on the airplane" thing, JetBlue may have a cure...

Aside from the lack of data access without web access, there's the question of whether you really want Google data-mining all of your documents. After the way they bent over for the Chinese government, I'm unlikely to trust them too far.

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