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Andrei in the office


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Heed my Will

Relatively foul mood tonight

Yes, dear readers... I'm in a relatively foul mood this evening.

And before people start pointing fingers at themselves it is no one person or even that has me in this mind set. It's a string of lots of little things. And the emphasis is on lots.

For those who know me very well, this may explain.

Today I installed Windows XP on my Mac Laptop.

This may be the most enjoyable thing that happened today and most of the weekend.


Comments are screened so I don't have to initially respond to the onslaught of, "Was it me? I thought we were okay" since it wasn't you.

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Poor Mac Laptop, why would you do that to the poor thing?

My buy in was an iBook, so I can't install a MS OS, which is a-okay by me. I'm digging on this whole OS X thing.

corrupting a Mac was a "good" thing? zoiks!!! ::hugs::hugs::hugs::

I love you, Andrei. I'm sorry that your weekend is teh suck and if I were closer, i'd make you dinner and try and cheer you up in person.

As things are, i'll have to think good thoughts for you.

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