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See you in The ONION, Nigerian Explosion Source Found

This morning I read the following on the BBC NEWS website:

Nigeria's president has told security services to uncover the cause of a deadly blast at a pipeline near Lagos.

More than 150 people died on Friday, many burnt beyond recognition, when petrol exploded while gushing from a suspected tapped pipeline.

A spokesman for President Olusegun Obasanjo said he had ordered a thorough police investigation and increased protection for other pipelines.

Some 2,000 people have died in similar incidents in Nigeria in recent years.

I can already see the followup on The Onion:

Nigerian Pipeline Sabotaged by Irate 419 Victims
The Coalition for Unpaid Inheritance came forth issuing a statement that they were responsible for the sabotage of the Nigerian Pipeline, and would continue wreaking havoc on the small African nation as long as internet accounts continued to be distributed among its populace.

One coalition member who identified himself only as "The only living kin of Mr. Wanat Mbonmo" from Peoria, IL stated that he was infuriated after learning about the $3.5 (M) million dollars he was owed; to discover upon his arrival to his ancestral homeland (which he'd previously believed to be Kilkenny, Ireland) that his inheritance was tied up in much red tape that required his contribution of $85,000 in processing fees and eventually led to his being assaulted in a back alley.

You fill in the rest. Yes, I know... HORRRRRRRIBLY un-PC in the face of people getting killed in an industrial accident. But... my patience with Nigeria is really kind of low. And I tend to have a rather macabre sense of humour.

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