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An interesting month

I think I'm going to like this astrological year. The last one... not so good. I started the last astrological year with leaving a job and really didn't work since.

This year many of the things that had been missing from my life have come to fruition.
1) I heard the beating of my future child's heart for the first time
2) I have started managing an open source project that I've wanted to work on since the first version of the program appeared. (Why yes, I'm posting this from the Universal Binary of Xjournal 1.0.5d1)
3) I have become the Administrative contact (Proto-Bodymaster) of an OTO Camp in Formation.

But the hardest part has been the job search. While we've had the savings (some being a nest egg) to survive on... Not working full time has been very hard. At times stressful to the point of emotional heart ache.

I hadn't told anyone due to the repercussions but I'd phone screened with Apple back in California about 2 weeks ago.

I will call them this week to tell them I am no longer available.

My orientation with Microsoft is on Thursday for a year contract as an SDET.
Assuming all is processed, I return to work on Monday morning full-time.

Looks like Seattle is going to have to cope with me for at least another year. :)

So... Baby: Check, CIF: Check, Work: Check...

Yeah.. that's all but one of my goals for this spring.

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