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6 degrees, alpha return

Thanks to a posting by damiana_swan

There used to be this site called Six Degrees. It was along the lines of being a social experiment, to see what kind and how many connections there are between people. It went away again before too long, which was rather unfortunate.

tithonium apparently misses it. And, being a geek, thought of several places where the original site could have been improved. Recently he decided to create his own, and has asked his friends and all of their friends to help him test it. It's currently in "early beta" (read: "actually alpha, but we didn't want to come right out and say that") and there are now over 100 people signed up with something like 1200 connections. If you'd like to play too, you can sign up here.

If you're already on the site and wish to add me you can use this shortcut.

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