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Questions... Questions... Answers...

Interview questions abound

Here are the ones I was asked by luna_piena

1) What is an instrument you wish you could play?
There are too many to list. There are three that spring to mind.
First is the Chapman Stick. This instrument is just too cool for words.
Watch these demos: #1(.mov/.wmv) and #2 (.mov/.wmv) (You have to watch them both and in order!)

Beyond that I'd love to be proficient with piano/keyboard. Guitar would be nice. Some day I might even learn the mandolin.

2) What do you want to be done with your remains after you die?
This is a trick question. I may as well admit it now.. Yes, I'm an Immortal. It's one of the reasons I keep so many shords in the house. Ask me about my cane at some point. But... Iffffff I were to die. Hmmn. I've never really given this much thought. I am really undecided if I want a corpse in the ground or ashes spread somewhere. But it's food for thought.

3) What qualities do you look for in a lover?
3 major things.
Honesty. And I've been guilty in the past of failing on this myself. But the people who've been closest in my life have been honest. Usually brutally. After that...
Mutual Interest. We don't need to share everything or even like the same things. But there should be some common ground, a desire to at least try new things and share opinions, and most importantly the desire and effort to spend some time together; no matter how difficult it may be.
Self discovery. Someone who knows that life begins fresh today. Someone who always as looking at ways to bring dreams to reality and find new dreams.

Some minor things: Sense of Humor. As the adage goes, if you can't laugh at yourself while having sex, you shouldn't be doing it. Conversational. Philosophical. Sexual. Open Minded.

4) What qualities make you a good friend/boyfriend?
I won't stare at your breasts. (rim shot... But seriously folks)
When I was in High School I didn't date much. (Okay replace 'much' with 'at all') I'd watch rather annoying sports players neglecting and being downright rude to cheerleaders. At the time I thought, "You know.. it takes so much effort to get into a good relationship, you really should pay it some honour once you get there."
So, I believe I am attentive and honest in my relationships. No matter the degree. To me all interactions are a relationship of some kind. Now.. I can get distracted. It's 2006 and anyone under the age of 40 can claim ADD. But I'm going to say, "I got distracted. Please repeat that." I'm not going to just nod and make you think I'm listening.

Biggest overall turn-off that I discovered by exorcising it from myself, "Give the honest answer, not the one you think will make your listener happiest."

So.. short form: Honesty (and that was not easy to learn), Sense of Humour, and an actual vested and active interest in my partners.

5)Artist, painting, and favourite/most inspiring line from BotL, please.
Well my favourite two artists of course in order are jnanacandra and luna_piena with jackal_child a close third. Though I have to admit.. I don't really have a favourite painting. There are ones that affect me depending entirely on my mood.

To be completely honest, the most inspiring line from BotL was in fact Chapter I, Verse 40, sentence 3: Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

I'd spent a long time trying on religions to see which one was the one I wanted to follow. I'd tried Wicca, Catholicism, Satanism. None fit in with my "Twice a year-Jewish" upbringing, my general feelings of the supernatural/occult, and my latent spirituality. I walked away from my first reading of Liber Al understanding pretty much NOTHING in the book. Nothing, save that one line. It was amazing. Instead of looking for a religion to practice, I found a sentence that gave a simple statement of how I'd been living my life. How I felt my life should be lived. I went on to explain to the (then) friend who loaned it to me how Will didn't mean want for about 45 minutes. Personally, one of the most magickal days of my life.

So, while it may seem like a cop-out choosing that line... it was, is, and I believe continue to be the most inspiring line that I have found in the book.

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