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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

One man's journey from infinity to nothingness

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Andrei in the office

IF, is a magick word.

When I troll for comments, it never works and when I don't look for comments... they pour in.

Having mixed the pot to confuse people.

IF is no longer coming. IF IS

Our local magickal group performed a dedication ritual to actually move toward being an OTO body. The first stage is to be acknowledged as a Camp in Formation.

Last night the 5 active initiates in our working group officially took this step.

IF is a reality.

While the website is temporary while we ramp up...


Intimate Fire     (intimate_fire)

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Wonderful! I love the 5 goals. They're perfect.
Good luck!

Congratulations, Brother! It is a very exciting step!

Can I join too? I mean, I know I don't live up there, and I'm not up there all the time or anything, but I'd like to be part of this.

Your starting another camp up there? I'm slowly starting to gather people who are occultists in the Grays Harbor area. Most are chaos magicians. Once I get about 5 I'm going to start discussions and hopefully classes. I want to find enough people who are into Crowley down here so I can start a camp someday. Right now I'm working with a bunch of beginning level pagans. I'm hoping that if I dig through them enough I'll find some really serious occultists.

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