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Bunny Thwump

I live with CATS

Please understand.. I love my jnanacandra more dearly than I can ever express. And the fact that she is 20 weeks along is a wondrous thing.

That being said, she is a territorial sleeper. The bed becomes the board for a game of risk that she slowly annexes through the night. About 10 minutes before she awoke, I realized that she'd rolled herself to cordon off about 70% of the bed.

Her first general is a big, black, ball of fur that often walks into the center of the remaining space and sits in there holding the contents immobile while her leader rolls to annex more space.

This is usually the clue that it's time for me to abandon my loosing battle for bed-space and go downstairs to perform my task at private, last-class and give refill the food bowl for the aforementioned "Big, black, ball of fur."

And yet.. it's more amusing than anything else.

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you could just get out of bed and get back in on the other side...

That's what I was thinking, but it occurred to me that the battle would just change directions...

I'd contemplated it this morning

but the black, ball of fur had me pinned into the corner.

the thing

can I have the bunny Icon? please please please?
I asked you and didn't steal it like I coulda.. I've fallen in love with the thing..

it would help if I knew who posted this before I make a decision or comment.

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