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What a day, What a day, What a day, etc...

This is a really crazy, busy day. Not counting the delayed return from New York...

10:20 am: Spine Appointment.
It would seem that Physical Therapy has gone well and I am in personal maintenance. I can begin to put the accident behind me.

11:30 am: Horizon Init Sec. Adminstrative work.
I continue to update and organize the files I have. I've been building a complicated database to manage all the history of the local area. It's been going incredibly well. Did a lot of development on the flight.

1:00 pm: MidWife Appointment
jnanacandra is now at the halfway point. 20 weeks today. Yes we will get more pictures up soon.

2:30 pm: More Filing and organization.
By this point everything is completely refiled back to 1/2004. I will be able to coordinate reports and make data graphs.

3:15 pm: IF preplanning work.
IF is the culmination of a lot of work by a lot of people. And it's coming together very soon :)

4:00 pm: IF project... will be updated soon

7:00 pm: Hexagram class for Horizon Oasis

9:00 pm: Local magickal group.

Very busy :)

TCTC #24p2, 4-9-06 - Thelema Coast to Coast
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