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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

This really happens to me

I was riding the Boston Light Rail today into downtown to meet a friend for lunch.

A youngish (c. 25y) guy gets on and looks at me. I am wearing: Black slacks, black shoes, a purple button down shirt and a leather vest. (Yes, I have a new one!!!) I am also wearing my new silver OTO lamen necklace.

After a minute he looks at me and asks, "Do you practice ceremonial magick?"

Amused, I say. Yup. The necklace was probably a giveaway. He looked but couldn't figure out which group it was. I said, "O.T.O." His eyes lit up and like a 10 year old demonstrating her new long word the guy said, "Right... Ordo Templi.... Orientis." I smiled and like a game show host said, "That's correct."

We talked briefly about the OTO's growth over the last few years, his interest in Crowley's material, and the local Boston group. (I gave him KTO's URL). He commented he was at his stop and thanked me. As he got off he turned back and said, "Oh... um... Nighty-Three!" and went on his way.

I looked at my riding companion and said, "Happens to me all the time." She knew this was a blatant lie and we laughed about the experience.

None the less... you know....really cool!

TCTC #24p2, 4-9-06 - Thelema Coast to Coast

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How cool. You must practically radiate magic to get that kind of attention...and yeah, the jewelry helps too!

Aww bless! Thats really sweet, I hope he turns up at the next mass.

*poke* Hey! Will you still be in Boston this weekend?

Wasn't actually supposed to be in Boston to begin with.

Check out this earlier post on how I wound up in Boston.

You realize at some point, we need to get you to visit Seattle. I think I've been to Atlanta 3 times so far and Boston twice ;)

Come... come visit the great Pacific North West :)

Thanks for pointing him our way!

Very Amusing -- something very similar happened to me on the train from Edinburgh to London 4 years ago! Hope this guy gets hooked!

a possible newbie with the beginnings of a clue.....nice!

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