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Yeah! Well I'll F*&#in' Tell ya!

So, there's an obvious longer post coming today. But a short comment or two first.

Saw a red-ribbon today. This was for supporting AIDS... Or. Aids awareness. I had to ask to be reminded which one was for breasts. Well, Okay.. Breast Awareness.. Or more correctly breast cancer awareness. (Pink)

This evening I looked up awareness ribbons.

Much like a badly designed C++ class it's great to see how each colour has been overloaded or avoided.

There's red: which ironically besides AIDS awareness, is also for Pro-Life awareness. It also stands for Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome awareness... So you may want to verify your red ribbon wearer is actually championing someone who might not survive.

Then there's Orange: This is for motorcycle safety as well as feral cats. (No, I'm not kidding)

Periwinkle is for eating disorders. Which too me is kind of cool, 'cause the colour makes me want to vomit.

But my favourite has to be Green Ribbons. Green firstoff is for "safe driving, bipolar disorders, ovarian or prostate cancer." But most importantly it's for Tourette's syndrome awareness.

So, I think I'm gonna start wearing a green ribbon. If people ask, I can look them square in the eye and say:

"Green? What the f*#& is Green for on a ribbon, mo&$er-f*&#er? I'll f&#(in' tell you what the g&d-d*mn, sh&#-su&^ing green F(*&in' ribbon is for, you a&#h*&^. &*# 9#*&#& (*&#&!!!

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