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It's... up... to.. you...

Yes... I am now in New York City for a conference. So much for my thelemic spirt. No three-days for me.

Took the jet blue redeye to Boston. Met up with my sweetie (It's a public post, so I need the right adjective) and flew from Boston to JFK. Then we went to the JFK airtrain. You know how they always talk about that 3rd rail thing. Well, as we were waiting a piece of tubing fell onto the third rail. There was a big bang and bright flash. Whee, NY.

From the Airtrain to the A-train. And now deep in the heart of... Well... the place is quaint... precious... darling... Faaaaaaabulous. :)

We're in the mini-lobby/kitchen. There is wifi. The room will be ready... shortly.

Then I think some unwinding before we try to see if we can muster lottery tickets for Rent :)

More as I have time...
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