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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Movie Review: ID4

I have finally watched the movie: Independence Day.

To show how much I can ignore popular culture.. it has only taken me 10 years to bother with this film.

I'd say it was a bother.. .but it was exactly what I always expected it to be. a "S*#t blows up" film. Personally, the film actually annoyed me with a lot of "Nationalism" ra-ra feelings.

The whole film really adds up to a 50's alien-invading film with 90's effects. And as much as I'm the kind to cheer to an Apple Macintosh Powerbook XXXX (Love the model number) that logs into the alien technology.... The reality of things just became to inane to believe.

I'm not sure which seems better in the long run... this, Mars Atacks, or The Core.

Personally, I really don't think Hollywood even wants to try anymore.

No surprises, no hidden agendas, and in case you are going to try to go longer than me....Yes Virginia, there really was an Area 51.

And no one ever wondered if that's what got them pissed off at Earth in the first place.

(Resource conquest? How quaint)

Rating... -$0.50 (Have someone bribe you to watch it)
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The virus thing was totally dumb.

Mars Attacks was way better.

I have The Core on my netflix list right now.

We watched "The Core" on cable the other night.

My God it stunk. I felt like I should take a shower afterward.

Yes the virus thing was just so not how it would work that I was surprised Andrei didn't complain. I was expecting to see that under the spoilers.

I agree 'Mars Attacks' was much more likable of a film.

It took me 10 years to bother watching "ET".

As far as "Independence Day" goes, I liked "Mars Attacks" much more.

It took me 10 years to bother watching "ET".

I still haven't watched that movie... a couple years ago I recorded it, and got through about 10 minutes (about to the part where they are playing um, D&D or something I think, and the boy hears something) and then I got called away... it was a while before I had a chance to watch the rest and when I got around to it, my wife had recorded something else over it. :-(

As far as "Independence Day" goes, I liked "Mars Attacks" much more.

Personally I was much happier with "Men in Black"... it was more whimsical, with no heavy handed off the cuff stuff (e.g. "Nuke em!") or melodramatic speeches, and I liked Tommy Lee Jones performance much better than Bill Pullman's.

For me, highlights of ID4 were seeing Brent Spiner's character introduced, and um, oh I dunno, maybe seeing Jeff Goldblum's character get off the plane from Jurrasic Park and onto Air Force One. ;-)

I LOVE Independance Day!!!! Bill Pullman, Jeff Goldblum and Will Smith! What more can you ask for?? hehe. Plus, I really like the President's monologue when they are about to kick some alium ass. It gives me the chills to this day.. and I am not patriotic. AND Will Smith is pretty funny in it. He makes the movie for me.. Tell me you didn't at least snicker when he was talking about "draggin' through the burnin' desert with yo dreadlocks hangin out the back a' my parachute"

For whatever retarted reason, that speech makes me cry every time I see it. I think I felt vested enough in the characters to react to their situation. I also cry for like the entire last half hour or so of Armageddon - from AJ finally being accepted by Bruce willis, to the return to earth as heros, to the credits with pictures of the wedding.

We should watch movies together! :)


while I can live without most of the 1990/2000's bad attempts at 1970's apocalyptic bepop ("disaster movies"), I thought that Mars Attacks was one hell of a kick back to the 1950's when they really knew how to do 'em up good! Another of my favorites would have to be Matinee. Evolution was pretty far up there too!

The just don't make 'em like The Towering Inferno, Earth's Final Fury, Logan's Run, or The Day After -- not any more.

Everything even vaguely "Act of God" or Alien that I have seen in the 90's/00's has just been way too much "let's show what our effects house can do!" for me.

Independence Day, Deep Impact, The Core, The Day After Tomorrow, Armageddon, all of that crap, it's well, not a lot more than some annoying special effects clap-trap.

Mars Attacks was a great picture of 50's flicks. I loved it, especially the totally unexpected "cure."

The Core Stunk, but it's perfectly OK to do machine sewing to.

Evolution is going to become a cult classic. The trailers showed nothing of the true nature of the film, neither the slapstick or the 50's metier of government scientists really creating a SNAFU.

Independence Day has some great moments (the speech referenced above, the determination of the girlfriend to go beyond the stereotype of a lap dancer), but it, too, is a great housecleaning or machine sewing movie.

I liked it, but then, I watched it 10 years ago. I don't know if I would like it now if I were seeing it for the first time. I'm not sure that saying "Hollywood isn't trying anymore" is a fair statement when reviewing a ten year old film. This film was released as a "summer blockbuster," and we all know what that means. Lots of special effects, little substance, sensational plot along whatever blockbuster theme is somehow chosen for the year (it's "asteroid headed right for us year" or "volcano year" etc.) Blockbusters are meant to get as many people (probably teenagers) into the theater as possible, preferably for repeat viewings. This is the first movie I remember being released on multiple screens and sticking around for 6 weeks to two months. (I went to college in a small town, so the one theater stuck to older movie release habits for a long tiem.)

I thought it was good fun, even if it was incredibly stupid in places.

You gotta admit it had a couple of great lines....

"I gotta get me one of these!"

And my teenage self still gets a bit moony over anything with Jeff Goldblum. *sigh*

i give you angels in america to watch and you watch independence day instead?!

i think i blow you up. BOOM!

I don't know what this says about me but..

I enjoyed this movie. I have seen it many times, and like it every time I watch it. On the flip side, I didn't like Mars attacks, I haven't seen the core and I didn't like the latest creation of War of the Worlds. When it comes to movies and me, I have 2 sides: 1. I want a movie that is factual or at least probable that will knock me off my feet. And 2. I want a movie to entertain me. Independence day fell into the 2nd catagory for me. It was big budget enough to be entertaining. I also liked (gulp) Armageddon and many other "stupid" movies that I found very entertaining. I really liked the fantasy of this movie. Independence Day reminded me a little of Explorers, which is also as unbelievable as 3 middle school kids fly into outerspace in an old tilt a whirl and meet aliens who have learned english by watching american television via intercepted satellite. signals.

And lets not forget that DATA from Star Trek TNG plays the wierdo scientist at area 51. Gotta love him.

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