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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

One man's journey from infinity to nothingness

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Andrei in the office

Haven't posted in a few days...

I thought my weekend went well...

I guess I was wrong.

today was the first day in about 7 years that the following thought crossed my mind.

"I'm tired of it all."

(No...no need to panic)

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Hang in there.. *hugs* I miss you.

Oh Stop... You had a Great Weekend... or at least Friday was great.... right?? huh?? what did you say??? yeah.. thats what I thought... ;o)

"i'm feelin' blue now... feel i bit off more than i can chew...."

I'm completely on a level with you bro... r u manic 2?? I will be fine for days, weeks, and the tiniest thing can set me off.... perhaps i don't like the song on the radio... five minutes later i just want to curl into a ball and die... "Tired of it all," "sick of it all," "overwhelmed"... these words and phrases sneak into my vocabulary like roaches into a Van Nuys apartment...

For me, at least, it passes... fades away like it came... I've gotten better over the years at keeping a manic moment from spiralling into fullblown depression lasting for weeks, months at a time... magick has helped a great deal with that.

Feel better! :) If you need to talk, I'm here! (we can be mopy-buddies!)

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