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To queenofhalves who IM'ed wishes just after 9:30 pm when the day had rolled over on the East coast.
To jnanacandra who gave me wonderful smiling wishes the moment she knew I was conscious this morning.
To schnookiemuffin who lit a Woot aflame.
To patsmor who set things on fire :)
To aspasia93 who stated things quite simply
To vixenesque93 who IM'ed as soon as I logged in.
To fiannaharpar who IM'ed to check the revision number.
To firebirdgrrl who commented below wishing much joy :)
To princekermit who commented below celebrating new friendships
To usumcasane who's joy of today's event affected his ability to spell in the comments below :)
To yendi who I didn't realize read my journal at all :) But commented that he was pleased that MacNN forums cared :)
To samajh who commented below to share the good tidings
To tzaddi_93 who posted and then IM'ed me and sent me emoticons :)
To tygeressdenacht who commented after a busy day
To takwish who's Cheerful felicitations comments are the most plesantly worded wish of the day.
To underpantz who commented to make sure all was going well today
To maeghanne who braved 8 time zones to post as well as get out IM wishes today.
To firebirdgrrl who IM'ed wishes and notes of headhunters *yay*
To luna_piena who IM'ed repeated wishes...
To frater_pfdv who posted about a very old celebratory tradition I rebuke ;)

And to all others who've also sent wishes.

But a special note to:
fiannaharpar who late in the day called me via IM audio and sang me the "Happy Birthday Tune". Of course because of the royalties... that will be coming out of my budget for months ;)

And so far from the automated world of websites...
I guess I should be pleased that the following took note:
Macnn Forums

I'll update routinely
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