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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

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Andrei in the office

Well, I guess that is that

Last week I made a post.

I auditioned for my first show in nearly 10 years. The show had the potential of actually paying its actors if it broke even.

Now, a note on the world of professional, semi-professional, and amateur theatre.

There are more people going for the job you want that in the computer industry.

A computer position can interview 5-10-15 candidates.

A show can audition 25 and then shoot you down on the case of: Race, Gender, Age, Weight, voice, attitude.

This past year, every interview I've gone to has yielded disappointment.

Today... I accepted the role that I nailed at auditions.
I am once again an actor.

Life can be funny.

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Break a leg!

Family dinner is once again out in Duvall this weekend (Sunday) if you and Heather could make it that would be cool.

That'd be way cool! When and where?

(email shimmeringjemmy at mac dot com if you don't want to post the address here)


Is this, by chance for the puppet/singing audition I received an email about?

This is the audition that was promoted thru SPCC

that is great! congratulations!


Getting back into theater is something I fantasize about doing once my daughter is older.

You'll post more about the performance when the dates grow closer, yes?


Is there some reason you're not naming the show or the role you've landed?

Yeah, YOU! Once an actor ALWAYS an actor.

Good job. I hope it goes really well. I still remember the crap that we were gonna do... oh, the plans...

I'm happy for you. :-)

That's great! I'm so happy for you!

After more than 13 years off of the [non-OTO] dramatic stage, I auditioned for TVM on a total fluke - saw an audition flyer, thought "it's about time", and was in. sometimes it works that way :-)

Congrats congrats congrats! Break a leg!


and what role in what play will you be in?

Congratulations! Sometimes you just gotta go where the river is going. I also note that sometimes you have to get your mojo going by approaching it from an oblique angle. May this be the seed that turns around the things that have been difficult.

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