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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

I love my life...

I love my life..

I have not worked in a year. And this sucks. I work towards getting work every day and I remain optimistic that my employability is not completely over.

That being said.

I am very much in love with a woman who's agreed to be a part of my life for as long as there is Will to love. A woman who I am not afraid to raise a child with which she will bring forth from both of us in 5 months. I am in love with someone else who loves me back for who I am even though the timing in my life leaves me at times stressed.

I am doing work on a volunteer level that I love. It is one part clerical, one part theatrical, and one part personally spiritual. I don't always agree with everyone in the group... but that's okay. It's the nature of the work we are doing. Over time I have become a real and recognized Ordained Priest. I feel still compatible with the beliefs I was raised with and believe my religion and faith to be strong. I perform religious ceremony, pastoral work, and organizational support work. And even when it frustrates me... I am still happy to be able to do the work.

I have people entering into my life on a social level. Some I'm dating, some I'm developing deeper friendships with. I have activities I participate in. I have projects I do. I am developing a business.

Oh... I have a cat. She's a freak. Her mass increases by 25 times in the middle of the night when she climbs into bed and hogs the covers.

And one more thing that will be posted in a moment. Yes, as for now.

I love my life.

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<A woman who I am not afraid to raise a child with which she will bring forth from both of us in 5 months.>

Wheee!!!! I haven't been paying attention! Soooo many congratulations sent over to the both of you!!! :)

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