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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

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Andrei in the office


I don't care how you feel about the Beatles. I don't care about how you feel about Juggling.

This man is a God.

The link is to a video with sound. Material is work safe, but you may want headphones.. you need to watch it and listen with Audio.

The drum solo is stunning.

Thank you to anotherjen for this link.

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Supposedly, the juggling community doesn't think Chris Bliss has enough balls and Jason Garfield responded by doing the same routine with more balls. The production quality isn't as high, but if you are looking for even more amazing juggling, you should check it out.

Jason Garfield is certainly very good! But he didn't seem to "match" the music quite as closely as Chris Bliss, which was one of the most interesting (for me) things about Chris Bliss' routine. Both men certainly juggle amazingly well.

once there was a way...

The amazing part is, I know exactly what video it is. Just saw it for the first time last week. Yes, the man is a god.

you are correct... WOW is what came to my mind.

TY sooooooo much for posting this.... I must share.


Wow, that was incredible.
Thanks for the link!

That is great! Thanks for posting that!

I've had this thrown at me all week, but I finally downloaded it. I'm way impressed. Then again, I can barely juggle my books, let alone more balls than I'll ever have.

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