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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

One man's journey from infinity to nothingness

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Enslin Torso

Oh dear, Bob!

No kidding...that's all I'll say

From Yahoo IM:

klienjohnson: hello
life_magick: 'lo
klienjohnson: hello there
life_magick: And hello again
klienjohnson: are you into spanking giving or recieving?
life_magick: are you forward with your way with words?
life_magick: No, I'm not into spanking
klienjohnson: then why are you in a spanking club?
life_magick: I shouldn't be... Which one?
klienjohnson: losangelesspank_now club.
life_magick: a moment
life_magick: Thank you. I seem to have acquired some yahoo groups during the merger. I've removed myself
klienjohnson: ok

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(Deleted comment)
hahahahaha looks like she was wanting you to spank her.

kleinjohson by his yahoo profile is a 41 year old man... Way out of my interest bracket.

WOO HOO you are THE MAN!...;)

Luv, I've been reading your journal. I know how you feel about men at the moment.
In your case, should I take this as a compliment or an insult

we know you'd meant to be there. ;)

Only with you, sis. You can lay over my knee any day of the week ;)

you never know till you try... heheh... personally i prefer flogging...

you never know till you try... heheh... personally i prefer flogging...

I have...I don't....me too ;)

Nuff said.

Jesus got a sniper gun, looks like

.50 caliber!

"First let it be known that I am a God of War and Vengeance!"

I like that photo and I like your page, man. Can we be friends? :)hehee

I can always use more friends... especially on a day like today when I feel like hanging myself with a piece of electrical cord.... (don't worry I won't really do it... I just feel like it)

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