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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

An after thought: Tom Lehrer

Actually, to be honest; I think Lehrer's most brilliant use of lyric is from the opening of "We will all go together when we go":

When you attend the funeral
It is sad to think that sooner'r <--- that's just friggin' brilliant
later, those you love
will do the same for you.

And you may have thought it tragic
Not to mention other adjec- <-- not quite as brilliant, but still cool.
-tives for all the weeping they will do.

And yes, solcita; now that one is stuck in your head, too ;)

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I hate you.

Well, to hate all but the right folks is an old established rule, anyway.


Awww, and after Buffy, we'd come so far ;)

I hope you and your fledgling spawn are doing well. We've been posting updates on our end.

Question: Did you ever get the tea I sent?

Re: Awww, and after Buffy, we'd come so far ;)

I did not get the tea! wonder what happened :(

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