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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Followup: Job search

I really appreciate your visit and interest in our company. At this point, we are unable to offer you a position, though we appreciate your talent and I will keep your contact info in my Address Book in case we need to contact you for a future project.

I wish you great success in finding your next gig!

I may or may not comment (friends only) about how I'm doing. Right now, I just wanted to update people since everyone has been so supportive.

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I'm sorry this job didn't work out. I have faith that something will pan out soon.

Aw damn, that sucks. I really thought you were gonna get it.

People tell me when I miss out on a gig that it "wasn't the right one" anyway. Obviously if this company doesn't see your value, they are clearly overrun by imbeciles. You don't really want to work with imbeciles, do you?

Sadly, I'd have to disagree

I actually think this company has great potential. I just feel that they have very specific ideas of what they are looking for right now and something between me and them didn't mesh in their eyes.

Re: Sadly, I'd have to disagree

I'm sorry, man.

Damn, honey. I'm sorry about this.
Sending you a cyber hug and kiss.

Sigh. Sucks. Sucks sucks sucks. I'm sorry. That's all.

ugh. I am a Gemini at a loss for any other words...

sorry to hear this

Don't let it get you down. Your job is out there.

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