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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Something I forgot to post

Wednesday night coming home from our local Thelemic Magickal Group I looked at the clock.

It was the Ides of March, 2006. It was 11:34 pm. And I had been an initiate of the order for 8 years.

My minerval occurred at 11:34pm, March 15, 1998.

At some point I should post my OTO resume for my own reference. :)

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Grope, fondle, hugs!

So, when are we getting you to restart OTO in Pgh :?)

As soon as I find two other people who are serious about it, and when it becomes worthwhile for me to become dues current again. At this point it would cost me upwards of $300, so it would really have to be a good reason! But my finances are better right now than they have been in awhile, and in a few months I could feasibly soak the cost. But I'm having a lot of second thoughts about spending so much to become dues current when it wouldn't magickally (heh!) summon a local body here nor make me any more active. But if I wait, the costs just escalates. It's a toss-up...

There are a few people who are "interested" until the practicalities of building things, making time for meetings, and cost of materials come out. But as I have a lot on my plate at the moment, I can't really judge other people for that right now. :)

I've been missing it a lot lately, but I've had an entertaining time going my own way these past few years.

I know there are several initiates in the Pgh region who are very interested. I also know the folks up at Black Sun said they were interested in supporting. You probably could also get support from Blake and probably Thelesis (Philly) or Xanadu (Reading)

Actually your dues could go one of 2 ways, 2 yrs of your current dues (well under $300), take your next degree. (Also under $300).

As for building stuff. Just get meeting first. Plan a regular time and let it roll.

And if you need Clergy/Initiator, you know we'll make best effort to finally make the trip 'home'

If it's important to you... it will become real. That is what being a magickian is supposed to be about ;)

My 3-year dues deadline rolls by a month from today. However I don't anticipate being ready to take another degree before July, but hopefully by then my financial situation will have improved significantly. I am due for a raise next month and am tweaking my investments next week so I should be in much better financial straits in 3-6 months. Hopefully then I can finally get my dues in order. (haha, "in order", ba-dump pssh) Because my next degree will almost certainly require a plane ticket, which could be more than the cost of either dues or fees. :)

Currently I have plenty on my plate including attempting to get my musical talent back to some degree, trying to get in shape at the gym 2-3 times a week, trying to gain a passable level of fluency in Finnish and preparing for a big trip over there this summer. This is taking all my free time right now and so far it's been much more rewarding than trying to get my former OTO people together on an even semi-regular basis. But I know F. and T. have met at least once about it, and they plan to get their thirds this summer, I think. We'll see what we have to work with this summer; I spent a few hours talking with F. recently and explained that we would indeed have a lot of work to do if we wanted to get a local body - and that making time to meet and sticking with it is the most basic requirement, regardless of anything else. At this point I'm quite skeptical about making the effort to build a body if I'd be the only one pulling for it... not just "supporting" but arranging meetings, writing up a budget and figuring out funding, etc. - doing the actual legwork. Even renewing my dues would, in my view, be a lost investment if it wouldn't be a step towards the formation of an actual Camp.

But I'm starting to hear from people I haven't heard from in ages, and I keep running into old OTO people. I think even L. is moving back to town soon. So who knows where this will all lead!


Your minerval was certainly memorable!

My sponsor :)

Thank you so much for messaging :)

Thank you even more for welcoming me into the order!

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