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Oh it is on! Magickal war? So be it!

After reading the unfair accusations by the self imposed Frater Ademptus Excelsior (who carries more abbreviations after his name than a scrabble set) against my dear brother lapig93; I had no choice but to stand to defend his good name.

I took pen in hand and responded. The choice words of my defense are not fit for this medium. But without surprise the "Ademptus" quickly added me to his wrath and ire.

Here is his condemnation of me:Collapse )

Personally, I find this inflammatory and grounds for all out unholy magickal war.

if you wish to lodge your opinions, you may submit your defense at Ademptus' site

But know ye, that his response will be quick and without good grammar.

You may need to tweak.

Please realize this is a joke
Tags: humour, mad libs, satire

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