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Bunny Thwump

Work solicitations. Translation; AGGGGH!

So, despite the driving positive emotions that I will be offered a job Thursday or Friday I still keep my options open and keep pushing my resume out there.

Today I received a note from a recruiter:

My name is name and I am a VP sales, at company. I found your resume on the Internet. You seem to have the necessary qualifications and background for our requirements.

Location- San Francisco CA
Duration- 6 months to one year

We need someone who has a LOT of MICROSOFT WINDOWS development experience. Candidate must have strong experience in C++, COM, WIN32 API, and Windows programming. Additional qualifications such as those listed below are highly desirable.

Experience developing COM/DCOM components is required.
Knowledge/Experience with MAPI and/or WinINet API is highly desirable.
Working knowledge of the Browser Helper Object, COM Plug-In, or Office SDK is a plus.
Working knowledge of the Outlook Object Model, Browser Object Model, or XML DOM is a plus.
Understanding of Windows Registry and Windows File System is desirable.

Please note: The following terms do not exist on my resume anywhere:
MICROSOFT WINDOWS development experience, COM, COM/DCOM,MAPI ,WinINet API, Browser Helper Object, COM Plug-In, Office SDK, Outlook Object Model, Browser Object Model, Windows Registry, Windows File System

What drives me batty is the concept that some VP decided that because I lack 90% of the required experience, I "...seem to have the necessary qualifications and background for our requirements."

Didn't our industry used to actually have a shred of respect?

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You said it was a recruiter right? My expereince is that most of the recruiters out there don't read the resumes nor listen to the people that they're trying to find work for.

Think about that for a second: a VP of SALES is setting technical job requirements?

I'm getting gi-normous red flags on that. Most sales people I've worked with could barely start their own cars.

Could be some jerk who's spamming every resume with certain key terms.

I can buy the spam part...

... the hard part for me is that I don't really match any of the key terms.

Re: I can buy the spam part...

No, you match one or two, and for me at least one of these has turned out to be a "sales opportunity!" Yecch.

The fact that they are not actually scanning for people with the right quals makes me crazy, too. you're not alone.

You realize the Vice President who sent this settled into that job after his hitch as the Finance Minister of a central African nation.

OK, not that he is phishing your identity (though watch for that kind of thing in the online job market), but of course no VP (even one of Sales, the lowest of the low, except for VPs of Marketing) laid a hand to a keyboard in writing this.

I recently remarked that I am getting v1agra and c1alis spam mail from
%RND_FEMALE_NAME (that minx). In both that mailing and this, the spammers don't even seem to be trying very hard anymore. It is almost a worn out reflex.

Didn't our industry used to actually have a shred of respect?

Best I can remember, no.

*snortlaughs* yeah....things like that I just tend to ignore and delete. If they're really that bad, I post them word for word online for public ridicule. Same goes for individuals who would dare send flames or otherwise troll for such sessions. Such twits unknowingly provide this jackal with free entertainment. :)

What I found humourous was just the location, job duration and Windows OS bit. Didn't you just move from California? I pleh in their general direction.

YTou mean back when IBM would pull recent HS or college grads that had no expirience with computers, much less progrtamming, and train them for a job?

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