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And since 3 posts isn't enough: IM of the morning

I use two IM programs at once. iChat and Adium

Yes, for those who haven't figured it out yet... I am a Mac person.

I use iChat for my primary AIM account. I use Adium for all my other accts: yahoo, msn, ICQ, private AIM, lurking accts. No... I do not have an IM account as a 14 year old girl. (Shudder, those people scare me)

Since ICQ has "Authenticate to add" requirements for seeing a person's online status, I will occasionally get random auth requests. My policy, is that I don't add anyone I wouldn't be interested in talking to. Now, the auth request will often include a message. For example, "Thanks for the chat, here's the auth request you said I could send."

Today I got another random auth request. The message was along the lines of (actual link read and promptly forgotten):

User 153#8#4# is requesting authentication: The message is:

I like Adium/ICQ because you not only can deny authentication, but you can send a message back as well explaining the denial.

So... feeling extremely gregarious (and for those who know me really well there will be some humour in the irony of me choosing that word), I sent a simple explanation as to why I was denying authentication:

Spam spam spam. Die die die. Please log off and never use a computer again, you are a child with no sense of what the Internet is to be used for.

All the while envisioning Ling Ling (from "Drawn Together") attacking. Which has now been added as a new icon for future posts.
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