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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

One man's journey from infinity to nothingness

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Andrei in the office

MEMEtime: Stolen by everyone and their cousin

Ask me a question about each of the following:







Other (open ended)

I will screen the questions, I may make the responses public depending on the material.

Go for broke :)

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(Screened comment)

Sadly, I must disappoint

Have you ever had sex with one or the other of your friends from Live Journal while on drugs and listening to music about "Tainted Love?"

I've never had sex under the influence of any illegal drugs.

(Screened comment)
so are you an evil black sex magician ? or is it all a joke. ;)

In the words of the last president... "Define Evil"

Well, let me dispell one rumour. My people spent 5000 years as slaves in Egypt. So, in fact, I am African-American. But I prefer Person of Olive as a denotation of my Race.

Okay, evil-black-sex-magickian.

Well, some people wouldn't approve of what I do... But I don't really consider myself completely evil.

As for the rest... Boy, I hope so... At least it gives me a positive excuse for applying my hedonsim to bring forth my true will :)

Translation: Yum!

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Re: questions, questions

having been through a few different question memes with you....

Do you get frustrated with your friends

Abso-f&#*in-lutely. The biggest frustration is when I watch them destroying themselves but a) doing nothing once they are in that path. b) complaining about the situation. Over time... I have to weight whether vesting myself in their personal drama is weighing to hevily on my life. And sometimes have to re-evaluate the friendship to the point where I move towards apathy... And simply realize that I'm not helping the situation.

would you with me if the opportunity arose

It is very difficult for me to not have sex with someone if it happens to arise. That being said. I can only answer this question... if said arousal were ever to occur again.

Music:Favorite show tune of all time :) or How seriously do you relate to lyrics.

I tend to relate more to lyrics on a situation by situation basis. So sometimes some songs are more valuable to me than others. Currently I'm heavily into Rent.

Love:in the capacity of loving multiple people,how do you determine and define love vs friendship andwhat is the line between them.


LiveJournal: You have several filters, but when you post to your LJ without filtering (How did you get past the caring what people think of you--if that makes sense)

A good question. A difficult hurdle. I had to come to the understanding that when it comes down to brass tacks, that the only person I can really count on is me. So if I don't trust my own opinion, no one elses is really gonna be usable for evaluation. I also accept that I can be wrong.

Other: (open ended):In your time in the O.T.O. when you've felt overwhelmed(by lack of knowledge,struggles,etc)--how did you overcome that and as a 2nd part do you still have any contacts in this area...(

Part the first, See previous answer. Part the second, yes.

(Screened comment)

Re: Since We Barely Know Each Other. . .

What do you enjoy doing with your friends besides having dinner?

For starters sharing everything I enjoy doing with them. Games, movies, music, and the like. Beyond that, I am openly hedonistic... so... depending.. there may be heavy flirting or at least offers of hugs, cuddles, and random body part massages :)

Do you have any wisdom you can share about beginning to learn about magical/sacred/ritual sex?

Absolutely. A couple of things:
1) Be honest about your motivations. Too many people try to make their sexual work out to be mystical when it's really just monkey sex. Know what you are doing and why and be honest about it.

2) Be honest about what you are doing with your partner. Sexual energies used to an end are powerful energies and to use someone's energy in a manner that they do not know about or are not party too is akin to 'vampirism'

3) Sexual Magicks are a tool. Nothing more... Nothing less. Now, a chainsaw is a tool. Nothing more, nothing less. Learn. Learn all you can. While learning, use discretion, caution, respect, and any other effective adjective that prevents you from thinking that juggling a chainsaw is a good idea.

What is your favorite road trip music?

Road trip music is primarily meant to distract me from the ardours of driving. So... the big requirement is it needs to keep me engaged and awake. The best music is then something that's familiar but not boring and something I can sing along to. Best is usually a packed CD of mpegs of 80's music and musicals. With some 60s, 70s and 90s thrown in.

What are you willing to share about the first time you fell in love?

That's a good question. Being openly poly, it's easy to remember who you love, though it's harder and harder to remember who the first one was that you really and truly loved. This is because each person teaches you something new about love so that you re-evaluate who you have loved in the past. Not that you didn't love them. But you re-examine what may have been lust, love, infatuation, etc... So... to try to get closer to the question... I learned that it was a way to give more of myself to a person without actually giving them anything tangible at all.

What is the appeal of LiveJournal to you?

Exhibitionism all the way. My words, My place... Love it or Leave it :-D

Other: I think I'll wait.

See. now I'm curious :)

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