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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

In case I've missed anyone

I have made the trip from home to capitol hill 5 days in the last 8.

This doesn't include: 2 trips to seatac, 1 to pioneer square, 1 to whereeverthehellthewetspotis, 1 downtown trip for a movie and one way the hell out to South Seattle

Tired now!

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The Spot is in "Interbay", FYI.

I'm still learnin' my neighborhoods. :)

Are you going to be at the Spot this weekend? Next? What about SEAF?? :)

Which night and which event?

Re: That would depend...

Saturday night, of course. SEAF is Friday, Saturday and Sunday and I will be cashiering Saturday afternoon.

Re: That would depend...

**looks to see what is actually on the schedule for this Saturday**

there's the Pansexual BDSM discussion. I'd like to make that. I'm not so much for the uniform stuff, but might want to stay for the after play. I think I owe you an overdue foot/back rub.

Whether I go depends on how the wife feels. Pregnancy has been hard on her. It's our first and the body mutations have been a struggle. So we'll have to play it by ear. Next weekend is SEAF and her work is showing in it. But at the same time we have a MAJOR ritual on Sunday of this weekend (which you should come attend!) (see: http://seattle-oto.org/horus.htm

Re: That would depend...

Well, the Fantasy/Uniform bit is just a suggestion for costuming, nothing much more. I'll be in attendance throughout the party, as I do laundry afterward.

The following weekend, I'll be at ConWorks from about 2:30 to 6:30 p.m. and then I'll be at Pan afterward becase, again, I'm going to be doing laundry post-party.

I'm always in attendance at the 3rd and 4th Pan Parties of the month. :)

93,Lordandrei My old school Syracuse pulled off one of the larger miracles by sweeping the Big East Tourney last weekend. Very lucrative, I had a hunch after the first miracle finish and the No 1, 23 and 16th ranking teams in the nation all fell in defeat. NCAAs start Thursday, jump on the Orange Crush bandwagon going to the final 4. Deus Vult! God wills it

Be well & be wealthy;
93, Dragonactor. p.s. Have to find a Bishop: pick a number, get in line.

How best to break this.

I really have to admit. I absolutely detest basketball. Remember, I'm from Pgh which is one of the few major sports centers that doesn't have a team. NCAA does little for me. Sorry, but you'll either have to stay on topic post or wait until September when I post about sports again.

See... and everyone thinks one drives a lot in LA...

Hi, by the way...


I could record the neighborhood name but that would be telling. I once went there with a friend in a cab. When the cabbie dropped us off he got very excited. "Wait! What is this place! You must tell me! I drop people off here, I do not know what it is!" We smiled at him and said nothing.

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