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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

I'm just going to post the link and let you decide if you wish to comment

First picture and information from 2007: Power of the Dark Crystal


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Well this could either be very good, or very very bad....

I hope it's the former.

Oh, and I'm going to grab the link and let my Friends know. :)

Agreed. Here's to hoping it surpasses the negative aura of sequels.

the world is ever changing, especially in the realm of things whose creators stated they would NEVER consider a sequel...
and i've seen many (really good) fan scripts.
i will reserve judgment, and i will most likely be there, ticket in hand.
i hope this is a good thing, not the Bad end of the fantasy film feast we've all been treated to lately. Lisa produced Mirror Mask, so she's on my cool-as-shit list.
and I have nothing nasty at all to say about Genndy.

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