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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Offensive Funny Quote of the week

I've recently gotten into Questionable Content. It's a humourous bittersweet web comic about two indy music nuts who wind up as housemates and their friends. The art is very basic for the first few years, but it's fun to watch the evolution of the characters and the artwork.

The quote that gave me a smirk was:

NASCAR is a Yankee conspiracy to keep you (southerners) all placated so the South won't rise again.

I know at least a few readers who will probably take offense to this.

Note: I was raised in a mixed marriage (He was from Brooklyn, She was from the Bronx). Currently, it's getting very difficult to live any further north without changing nationalities and buying a Took. (sp?)

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Sounds like the good old faithful "G*d created whiskey and redheads to keep the Irish from conquering the world."

and I have it on good authority that it is toque.

I grew up in the mountains of North Carolina, the breeding ground for NASCAR. Junior Johnson, who got his start running moonshine in our area, occasionally would visit my dad; they'd sit at the kitchen table drinking 'shine and my mother would protectively keep us kids out of the kitchen. I never took to NASCAR or any other racing, although I find road rallies mildly interesting.

But anyway, you got it.

Tangent - I remember having to explain to some of my fellow students in Salt Lake City what the expression "fingers of 'shine" meant.

Ever seen/heard where you stick your index finger and pinky out, tilt them horizontal and say "Gimmie two fingers in a #3 washtub"?

never heard the "#3 washtub" part before.

It is a hick sport!

It was good to see you guys!!!

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