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Yeah, but would you believe

So, it's 2:15 in the morning. royalbananafish and I just got back from dinner after inits. In front of our hotel (the Glendale Day's Inn) was not 2, not 3 but 5 police cars. There are police everywhere in the building.

I don't know what the hell went down. We rode up with a pair of cops in the elevator who got off a floor before us. I said, "Should I ask or just remain blissfully unaware?" The cop said, "Blissfully unaware."

We get to our floor and there are 4 more cops filling out tickets and citations and there are (seemingly aged) high school students up and down sitting in the corridor.

You know the 'blood?' stained mattress was one thing. The Orwellian, 1984 Police state at the hotel... that's another. I am hoping to get a biiiiig discount on our bill.

Glendale. Days Inn. Never again!

P.S. If anyone comes across a news story about a big ass-bust in glendale this weekend please forward it to me :)

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I couldn't find the story about big busts in Glendale in the Daily News yet... but I did find an article noting how two weeks ago, someone did a swan dive from the 6th floor balcony at that hotel.

I love the fact that your cop had a sense of humor.
Otherwise, it sucks to have such a nasty surprise waiting for you at 2 am.

Yes yes yes... but HOW did the inits go???

Is she in more than one piece? Two pieces? No pieces (preferrable)

Hug what you can of her.. :0)

Maybe just a hotel party attended by minors with or without drugs but most likely lots of alcohol and a lot of noise. My ex used to refer to teenagers as young and dumb and full of cum.

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