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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Today's stupid IM'er (and we're off and running)

While the conversation has only just started, I think it's gonna be a winner for posting.

After "Hello" the poster IM'ed:

saw ur profile and taught ur kind of person will be nice knowing


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I always want to hope that people who write like that are just not native English speakers and to cut them a break. But I have found that "ur" instead of "your" or "you're" is very much a construct of the "ignorant american dumbass".

Sometimes, I wish I knew enough French to pass for Canadian.

The one person I know who writes like that is extremely dyslexic. He had a lot of wonderful ideas and insights, but it was really, really hard to read them. But he certainly wasn't a dumbass.

Certainly there are exceptions, which is why I try not to be rude about such things. But most of the time it really is just some random dumbass...and it's very grating to the sensibilities.

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