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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

One man's journey from infinity to nothingness

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Andrei in the office

Short post... Moving down the road..

Heading south. Just entering Eugene, OR. with jnanacandra and royalbananafish headin' all the way to L.A.!!!

More later

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Will you guys be at mass on Sunday?

This visit is kind of hit and run. We are bringing a candidate down for the degree at BHO. Basically get in Friday, Init Saturday, Crash Saturday, and back in the car Sunday morning for another 2 day drive.

Madness. Yes I know.

But on the upswing, we get back Monday and then fly back to L.A. on Friday of next week for Massathon. We'll definitely be making a mass (or 5) then.

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Heh, I think you mean 'in no more than one piece'.

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Yeah, I figured anihilation would result in zero pieces. So one or none, depending on whether we're speaking in the corporeal or OTO senses, but in no sense should she come back in 2 or more.

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It's a busssssy weekend.

Catch me online Saturday morning and we miiiiiight be able to coordinate for lunch. Might be hard this weekend. Maybe better for dinner next Friday when we fly back for the weekend in L.A. again.

Only house work? I thought that was the usual plans :)

I hope you enjoyed driving through my home town!

I'll be sure to catch pictures on the way back up.

I love the west coast drive heading south. It's something of a pilgrimage for me.

Safe journey!

Quite a trip especially from Seattle Holy Smokes!

I wish I was posted to LJ to read this post on time I would have said "Pull over!" and say hi.

Then your on a journey. May it be safe!

Im in Eugene.

& To Shimmering Jemmy and RBF too :)

Re: Quite a trip especially from Seattle Holy Smokes!

I'm making a post this morning about that.

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